It’s Not About WHAT You Do & HOW You Do It!

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Every single business can articulate WHAT they do ie their product or service offer.

More enlightened businesses can tell you HOW they do it by providing features and value benefits offered to help prospective customers choose them instead of their competitors.

BUT when customers are faced with 2 or 3 commercial offers with equal rational appeal, how do they make their decision of which supplier to use?

It’s all about BIOLOGY – WHY?

You see, the most successful politicians, institutions entrepreneurs and commercial organisations become the leaders in their field because they can passionately convey WHY they do what they do.

Please take a peek at a TED talk below by renowned US marketing pro Simon Sinek called the “Golden Circle”.

Some readers may be familiar with this concept.

But if those who aren’t watch just the first 7 minutes of the video, a fascinating and extremely helpful perspective on leadership, sales and marketing will be a powerful fillip to your business.

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