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    When prospects are spoilt for choice, how can you get them to look your way?
    You deserve to have a good plan & the correct tools to grow sales & profits.

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    Sales lead generating websites that won’t cost an arm & a leg!  Qualified Marketing pro who creates the “WHY” customers & clients should use you on a site that SELLS not tells!

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    If you’re pitching for a large contract, a client account or investment funding, the difference between success and failure can be the content, design & delivery of your presentation.


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    Marketing Plans

    An Economical Marketing Agency & Consultants Serving Leyland, Preston, Lancashire & The North West

    All businesses deserve a consultancy that develops a proper understanding of your company and its market to produce the best support plan and cost effective marketing appropriate for you.

    From identifying new business and getting the orders in, we offer you the “hands on” commitment of an employee and the creativity of an ad agency, without the cost of either!

    Whether you need some market research, a marketing plan, a winning Powerpoint presentation design, web design and SEO to rank high in Google or social media support, why not see how a qualified marketing professional with a proven track record can help!

    I really get a “buzz” from planning and then implementing the correct business development activities that will help you win more business but don’t cost your business an arm and leg!

    You see we’re all about growing your business profitably and spending your money wisely. If you’re looking for a genuine “more for less service provider”, please consider Communisage.


    Marketing Agency & Marketing Consultant covering Preston, Leyland & the North West. About Marketing

    Reduce Marketing Costs, Free Up Time, Get Additional Expertise, Get Work Done On Time!

    Businesses large and small in Leyland, Preston, Lancashire and right across the North West at some time have a requirement for additional support. And that’s where access to an experienced, skilled and dependable external marketing resource can pay great dividends. The 2 arms of business development: sales and marketing are constantly evolving becoming more specialised as you can see from the graphic to the right.

    Not only that, but the traditional sales and marketing approach is complex and very labour intensive from a management resource perspective.

    But growing a profitable business needn’t rest entirely on YOUR shoulders!

    Why not consider someone who has the full array of professionally qualified marketing expertise at their disposal.

    Someone who can work with you and your team to add commercial insight, help you identify new business opportunities, offer new growth perspectives, develop action plans and then conveniently implement the required activities for you!

    A professional who cares enough to bear the costs of professional indemnity cover, unlike some other providers!

    You really can benefit from someone who provides the commitment of an internal resource and the capabilities of a full-service agency without the operating costs of either.


    Here is the scoring our current clientele kindly gave us in our KPI customer satisfaction scorecard survey (freely available for viewing), where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent.

    Please have a look at how other clients in Preston and all around the North West have benefited from our help by using the button below.

    What A Few Clients Say About Communisage

    Marketing Planning, Web Design & SEO

    Mike impressed me with his ability to get to the heart of my business values and the benefits we offer our clients then prioritise and shape a lot of information into a concise, compelling selling proposition.

    From this platform, he subsequently built detailed website and over 20 pages of corporate, sales, operations process and technical content without the need for further input from our business!

    Waterboy Spring Water

    Managing Director, Waterboy Spring Water

    Marketing Research

    Mike worked proactively with us to identify a set of deliverables which answered the key questions that we had regarding our project. This resulted in a clear and concise set of data that proved useful in our decision making and added value to our business.

    He interpreted our research brief well and used technology and tools to effectively deliver the results. Communisage provided a professional and efficient service for our business delivering desired results to the agreed deadlines and within agreed budgets.

    Mike Cash, Harry Milligan, Darren Garbett

    Senior Channel Manager, New Product Development Manager & Commercial Manager, Electrium Sales

    Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation

    M4 Lifting has been using Mike for several years and we cannot rate Communisage enough.

    Mike is a great guy, always positive attitude to our requirements for the emails and website changes he has done.

    If you want competitive prices with a service that in my opinion is second to none, Communisage will meet all your website needs and more.

    His advice with our website optimisation was very honest, he asked what we wanted and where we were targeting and told us how exactly with keeping the cost low we could achieve this and I will hold my hands up we have picked up more enquires via email and phone calls to the office since the optimisation he carried out.

    Richard Rose

    Managing Director, M4 Lifting

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