The digital era has brought massive positive changes to the ways you can get your message in front of prospects!

Unfortunately, it has also spawned over a hundred new terms in the marketing arena. Do you use: pull or push marketing, inbound or outbound marketing, interruption or permission based marketing?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry because they are just different names for the same thing!

As the proportion of the world’s population increasingly utilising the internet has grown, greater use of search engines and a more informed, discerning public have impacted how companies engage with their audiences.

The internet is not a communications panacea!

Shrewd marketing folk realise that labels like online or offline media, old media or new media are irrelevant because – it’s all just media!

How many housewives and elderly folk are social media savvy, are avid web surfers or blog hounds?

Many decision makers are still informed by interruption and rely on being interrupted!

So make sure that you consider your audience and their media habits thoroughly – then determine the most appropriate mix of traditional offline or digital online media to use when putting your marketing programmes together.

Worldwide advertising spending will total $496.9 billion in 2011, up from $475.7 in 2010. The growth rate did slow somewhat, with a 4.5% growth rate in 2011 vs a 5.8% growth rate in 2010. This ad spend encompasses a range of advertising mediums, including directory listings, online ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, outdoor ads like billboards, radio ads and TV commercials.  Decision makers still watch TV, read magazines & listen to the radio as well!

Nevertheless, the worldwide web is now the hub of all commercial communications. It’s more helpful to consider media in its totality with the internet and your website as your interactive hub linking offline and online communications with search engine optimisation, content marketing etc used optimise levels of the most appropriate traffic.