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Why Use Us

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Communisage was born in 2010 after I had enjoyed over 25 years in business to business marketing and sales helping small and large businesses alike to grow profitably.

I’ve had great mentors and oodles of experience in developing customer value, creating awareness of it and getting the orders in as well.

And I’ve been blessed to be able to make astute judgements about what works and doesn’t work in business development for different markets, clients, products and services.

But what really gives me a buzz is planning and implementing the correct business development activities that will help drive your growth but don’t cost you an arm and leg!

If you’re looking for a genuine “more for less service provider, please consider Communisage.

You see Communisage is all about growing your business profitably and spending your money wisely.

Mike Cowburn DipM MCIM

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More For Less – Planner, Creator & Practical Doer

More For Less_smlMike possesses a unique mixture of business development expertise gained in businesses from £100,000 to £300 million including: Analytical Assessment, Strategic & Marketing Planning, Creative Communications, Cost Effective Practical Implementation Expertise.


Mike can:

 – assess a company’s market position

 – develop strategic plans for its growth

 – do all the practical marketing work needed to achieve business development goals

 – deliver one off tactical activities as required, like a new website or SEO

 – do all this with low overheads and a flexible approach

That’s why he can deliver effective and economical business development support in any way a business may need it.

“Mike was able to quickly identify a cost effective way for me to run a test marketing campaign for a new service.

So refreshing to deal with someone that understood the importance of working within our budget.

Mike is a genuine more-for-less service provider, highly recommended.”

Grant Roxburgh, Managing Director – RSS Construction

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Outsource Your Marketing

Reduce Costs, Free Up Time, Get Additional Expertise, Get Work Done On Time!

Traditional-Marketing2Businesses large and small at some time have a requirement for additional support. And that’s where access to an experienced, skilled and dependable external marketing resource can pay great dividends. The 2 arms of business development: sales and marketing are constantly evolving becoming more specialised as you can see from the graphic to the right.

Not only that, but the traditional sales and marketing approach is complex and very labour intensive from a management resource perspective.

Traditional Sales & Marketing Approach >

Outsourced-Marketing-Benefits2Multiple Suppliers & Multiple Relationships

Multiple Invoices

Briefing & company knowledge passed on to each supplier one by one

Management & integration of marketing effort left up to client


Benefits of Outsourcing To Communisage

Communisage has over 25 years professional sales & marketing experience

Communisage can integrate all the business development activities required for successful business development

Communisage can help you reduce your sales and marketing costs

And, Communisage can help you successfully grow your business

Find out what benefits we can bring to your business.

Please get in touch on 01772 456089 today or click here to send me an email.