Leyland Food Bank & Furniture Scheme Branding

Please reflect on the content of this page and send Teresa Smith an email ASAP  teresasm1008@gmail.com  indicating your preferred choice for either the CROSS or MOTORS variant.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and people participating in making decisions about visual identity and graphics should try their best to assess how well the proposed graphics used for branding or corporate identity meet the communications objectives established for an organisation.

Two alternatives have been prepared as follows: a) Cross  b) Motors

  1. The design variant entitled “cross” below evolved from a logo created for Churches Together In Leyland which featured the use of a Leyland Cross illustration to convey the Christian ethos of the organisation and affinity with Leyland town, the cross being a significant historical local landmark.
  2. The logo and existing Churches Together colour scheme was utilised for the Furniture Delivery van graphics.
  3. The cost of replacing the van graphics with a completely new visual identity is cost prohibitive.
  4. Consequently, the two design options must complement the van graphics ie use CTL green, white roundel on the rear roller shutter door and most importantly, the cross graphic.

Design Considerations

When considering the two options, please bear the following in mind:

  1. The chosen design is meant to have an impact on and influence our intended audience not reflect our own aesthetic preference.
  2. What is the most important visual focal point we wish to convey as a Christian organisation?
  3. For each option, which is the strongest visual element that catches the eye?
  4. The Motors variant – Does the use of 2 different illustrations ie the cross and Leyland Motors logo work together? Is one element stronger than the other? Does the stronger element detract focus from the weaker element?
  5. Which option best reflects our dedicated Christian ethos?
  6. Should the identity be original and unique to our organisation or have an association with other secular organisations?

Thank you 🙂