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Winning Presentations – The Rule of Three

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        < Click image to download             See Winning Presentations Here   How Steve Jobs Made Presentations Look Effortless One of Steve.. read more

Google Alert – Mobile UnFriendly Website Rankings Will Suffer

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Please Don’t Get Caught Out The share of internet browsing on mobile devices has been advancing rapidly in the last few years and has reached 45%. As part of its.. read more

12 Fail Proof Ways To Strengthen Your Resolve

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Click on the image below to download. Take A Peek At Mike’s Resolve

Start With The Question – WHY?

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It’s Not About WHAT You Do & HOW You Do It! Every single business can articulate WHAT they do ie their product or service offer. More enlightened businesses can tell.. read more

6 Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan – Decide Which Communications Tools Are Best

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STEP 4  DECIDE WHICH COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS ARE BEST A. What Communication Tools Are Available? Getting your message and content out there seen and acted upon and most appropriate for your.. read more

6 Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan – Develop Your Marketing Communications Strategy

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STEP 3   DEVELOP YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY           Who are you going to communicate with? What are you going to say to them? What you stand.. read more

6 Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan – Determine Your Marketing Communications Goals

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STEP 2   DETERMINE YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS GOALS           Once your business has its product/service offer, pricing, distribution and positioning strategy sorted, it’s time to determine the.. read more

6 Steps To A Winning Marketing Plan – Analyse Your Current Situation

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Step 1   Marketing Analysis  – What Is Your Current Situation? A.      Internal Analysis – Where Is the Business Now? Before making the first step on your journey, it’s important to.. read more

Presenting LLS Awards – Celebrating Liverpool’s Legal Excellence!

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Marketing Consultants & Their Clients! Sometimes thanks to the kindness of their clients, marketing consultants are privileged and proud to represent them on prestigious occasions. One such occasion for me.. read more